Premium Foot Pads

20 foot pads for a 10-day cleansing. Premium formula with organic ingredients. Formulated in the USA.

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Purify Your Body

Eliminate skin imperfections, enjoy constipation relief,remedy hangovers, and fight body odors. All thanks to the natural ingredients that improve circulation in the blood and lymphatic system.


Restful Nights, Every Night

Combat insomnia and wake up feeling rejuvenated and refreshed. Lepa Life foot pads uniquely stimulate over 60 acupuncture points in your body to give you the comfort to sleep all night.


Relaxation You’ll Love

With their seductively subtle rose scent, our therapeutic foot pads lull you into a state of relaxation and help relieve aches and pains thanks to the wonders of aromatherapy and reflexology.


Boost Your Energy

Feeling lethargic and constantly tired of late? Accumulated chemicals in your system might just be the culprit. Lepa Life foot pads purify your body while boosting metabolism to give you enhanced energy.

Fully Inspired by Nature

Our foot pads are brought to life with close to 200 organic ingredients including bamboo vinegar, rose extract, chitin and tourmaline; the same ones that have been used in society for centuries.

Use with Confidence

Unlike other therapy foot pads in the market that are unproven, Lepa Life cleansing pads are FDA-approved for meeting stringent safety standards, and produced in an ISO-certified facility for uncompromising quality.

It Takes Mere Seconds

Start out with clean and dry feet. Then just remove the adhesive backing from the foot pads, position the pad in the middle of the sole, and smooth the adhesive part with your hands; that’s it!

Feel the Difference

Naturally cleanse your system one wholesome application at a time. You’ll feel the results after the first application, but we recommend using the foot pads for at least 4 days to get the best results.

First night results!!

Cody Mariotti

08/09/2020 09:52:31

Used these last night for the first time, both my boyfriend and I and we were both highly satisfied. We couldn’t believe how great we slept and how good we feel today. Although we were a bit skeptical at first, after the first night we both are happy with

Best foot pads I've found on site.


08/09/2020 09:35:21

After trying at least 10 different brands, these are the best in my experience. This company actually bothers to attach the pad to the adhesive part, unlike the others I've tried. Also, they make my feet feel cleaner than the others too, very fresh with e

It does work!!

Vanessa Ramirez

08/09/2020 09:34:09

I bought these for my husband since he works 14+ hours everyday and he has his boots on everyday so that makes his feet stink sooo BAD and since this said takes bad odor away i decided to give it a try. The first 2 days i didnt notice a big change in his

Verified Purchase in Amazon

Khan The Great

01/09/2020 20:18:02

I have been feeling pretty tired and crumby lately. But after only using these two nights I feel noticeablymore energy and and refreshed. Very nice and easy to use. Once I finish this box, I will definitely order a new box.

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Lepa Life PremiumAromatherapy Rose Foot Pads

Verified Purchase in Amazon


08/09/2020 09:48:35

Excellent adhesive; super easy to use and works like magic... I work on my feet 12 hours a day and when I get home I can’t wait to stick these under my feet. Works beautifully and smells great... I am definitely gonna order more and I’m giving five sta

Verified Purchase in Amazon

Khan The Great

08/09/2020 09:46:07

I have been feeling pretty tired and crumby lately. But after only using these two nights I feel noticeably more energy and and refreshed. Very nice and easy to use. Once I finish this box, I will definitely order a new box.

Verified Purchase in Amazon


08/09/2020 09:41:05

The foot pads arrived in a beautiful box. It's really easy to use and sticks well to the feet. I was skeptical until I tried them. These pads work great. After only using two nights, I felt more rested and energetic the next morning. Recommended!

How to use

Before you go to sleep, clean and dry your feet, then remove the adhesive backing from the Lepa Life 2-in-1 Relaxing Foot Pad, place on the centre of each sole. Smooth the adhesive part of the foot pad with your hands, ensuring that it is firmly placed and keep the foot pad on your feet while you sleep, or for 6-9 hours. When you wake up in the morning, discard the foot patches and clean any residue from your feet with soap and warm water. Go about your day feeling refreshed